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3 Paleo Labor Day Recipes ! What Recipes Are Your Favorites For Labor Day?

What are you doing for Labor Day this weekend?  We always have plans for some kind of Labor Day barbeque and this year is no different.  For my husband, it is all about the food.  However, for me, my concern is that there will be something to eat that is delicious, healthy, and paleo approved….

Why do I Eat Paleo? A Possible Natural Solution for your Autoimmune Symptoms including Psoriasis!

Recently I have been experimenting on myself with a Paleo diet.  Why you may ask?  Well here is a little history about me.  I have had mild psoriasis mostly on my scalp my whole life.  Throughout the last few years, whether it be from climate changes, hormonal changes, lifestyle changes, etc., the number of psoriasis…

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