Coconut Oil Uses: Three Tips for How to Use Coconut Oil at Home

Coconut Oil UsesThere are numerous coconut oil uses besides for as a cooking oil.  Coconut oil is becoming an absolute favorite and new uses for coconut oil are being discovered all the time.

The natural health benefits coconut oil provides is one of the many reasons it has become so popular.

In this video, I share 3 new tips for how to use coconut oil that may just become some of your favorite uses as well.

Coconut Oil Uses

How to Use Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has so much versatility and the uses for coconut oil are pretty much endless.  I recommend getting a couple of jars, one to use in your kitchen and one for your bathroom.

At room temperature, coconut oil is usually in a solid form, but on warmer days depending on where you live, it may become liquid.  Either is okay.  Even in solid form, you can easily scoop out the amount you need with a spoon or knife, and the oil will melt in your hand.  I like keep a separate small container that I spoon one tablespoon of coconut oil into at a time for my toothpaste.  After rubbing a small amount on my toothbrush, I will drop a single drop of peppermint essential oil as well for that freshening feeling.

As a make-up remover, I will rub a small amount onto a clean cotton ball for each eye to remove mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.  Than I will cleanse my face afterwards and follow with my favorite moisturizer.

For deodorant, you can either use an old deodorant stick and fill it with coconut oil (this is easiest), or simply rub onto the armpit area and follow with a single drop of  essential oil.  Favorite essential oils for deodorant include lavender, tea tree oil, orange, or cypress.

You can find organic extra virgin coconut oil in most grocery stores or online here.  Enjoy!

Grand Junction ChiropractorsWil & Kirsten Liwanag, D.C.

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